Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Number 1!!!!

My first ever blog post!!!!! Call the press it’s an exciting day...... well for me any way as I have been planning this for a while (a lot of research went into this). My blog is a dereliction to all things yummy; Main attraction cupcakes, however, extensive research is going in to other scrummy food all in aid of research for my soon to be ‘Cafe’. I would love any advice or feed back on my posted creations or just a general ‘hi!!!’ would be cool.

I wanted to upload some of my early cupcakes flavours including; Classic vanilla, Chocotastic, Clementine and Bakewell cake.

Ok well I think that’s a gentle start. I’m off to create some more, see you with the next batch. Appreciate recipes, ideas and feedback.

Lots of Love Tor xxx

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