Monday, October 19, 2009

The great cupcake race!!!!

At the weekend, for research purposes, my bf and I went on a cupcake crawl around a few of the well know cupcakeries around London town. I awoke bright eyed and bushy haired, excited for the day ahead. I had read so much about these places and for someone who wanted their life; I was surprised that I’d never been to any of them before...............
First we hit Primrose Bakery where we ordered two mini, vanilla and chocolate and two large, lemon and banana-chocolate. They looked pretty and due to hype about these guys being one of the best I was so excited.... but they were a bit dry, however, the icing was super, especially the chocolate.

We then walked up to Covent Garden Market to sample Crumbs and Doilies and Ella’s Bakehouse . I personally did not like Crumbs and Doilies, I thought they were dry and tasteless, although the packaging was pretty, but it was Ella’s Bakehouse that stole the show. We had a Red Velvet and Cookie cupcake and they were YUMMY!!!!! If you’re in London then I would recommend there over any other plus they use glitter too, which I am a massive fan off.

Lastly, we trekked to the Hummingbird Bakery and OMG it lived up to its hype. First, the shop is gorgeous, second, the food looks gorgeous and third, it tasted gorgeous. I picked the inventive black bottom (chocolate cake with cheesecake and a cream cheese frosting) and Brett picked rocky road fearing another cupcake might take him over. They came in a beautiful box, fitted to hold to cupcakes perfectly and served to us with a smile. Thank you Hummingbird.

So after that we were really fat and I’m still recovering, worth it all though.
Lots of Love Tor xxx

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  1. Hey Vicks, check out it's a really cool blog about cupcakes baking etc. I follow this blog, it's full of yummy recipes and ideas. Love your blog, keep up the good work, might get Megs to get you to make my birthday cake, I don't have one normally. Love ya loads, Aunty Judith xxx