Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It’s not very often I get assistance when it comes to creating cupcakes, however today I was extremely lucky to get a visit from a very special little helper who wished to make Halloween cupcakes for all her friends.

I love making cakes for kids because the weirder and more disgusting the cupcake looks the more interested and excited the kids are, and being an over sized child I am never happier when this happens. So together we created purple vanilla sponge with green and black frosting decorated with icing bats, bat and pumpkin sprinkles, black shiny shards and silver glitter........ ...DA DA!!!!!!

We also decorated the house and made pumpkins, all in aid of the undead. Happy Halloween every one!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love Tor xxx

Friday, October 30, 2009

“Oink Oink”

Yay!!!! My second party and this one is extra exciting, not only because its for a beautiful three year old but because of the requirements; It’s a piggy party with everything and I mean everything pig inspired.

We have pig masks, plates, cups, napkins, and of course cupcakes. These are the pig cupcakes all accompanied by a gathering of mini piglet cupcakes. I had so much fun creating these, especially the little piglets; which are made of marshmallows, pink sugar and icing.

Lots of Love Tor xxx