Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday/ Crumbies takes a trip!

Today me and my adorable hamster ‘Crumbies’ have taken a trip!! I have a few birthdays/Halloween parties to supply for and since they are close to my parents house we’re also using it as a vacation (and for those animal lovers like me ,I can promise, the hamster was safe the whole time in a special carrier with food, water and bedding). I am actually writing this post on the train as we go but what I wanted to write about is my weekend I had my first ever birthday party (cupcake order, that is). I was so happy when a friend of mine asked me to create her mum’s birthday cake, I instantly suggested cupcakes as they are always beautiful and easy to hand around to guests. I was slightly limited on flavours so we came up with a modern twist on the English classic Vic’tori’a sponge, I hope you liked the name reference there lol : ).

It was a vanilla sponge, piped jam centre and a smooth butter cream frosting. I was allowed to go wild with the decoration, which is my favourite thing to hear, although keeping to a black, red, white and silver theme.

I really had fun with these and was so pleased with the outcome. The birthday girl seemed happy too and now I can’t wait to get my hands stuck into my next party.

Lots of love Tor xxx


  1. oh i love them!!! wish we hadn't eaten them all now! you're so clever and talented poppet! love you lots xox

  2. Love the flowers on these, I'm definitely dropping big hints at home for my birthday!!! Do you mail cakes, or could Megsi collect on her way past from Stoke? !!! Aunty Judith xxx