Sunday, October 18, 2009


I’ve made a cake!!!!!!!...... Thinking that not every one likes cupcakes (urban legend) I thought I’d try my hand at decorating a cake.

It’s a white chocolate mud cake, decorated with dark chocolate grenache, people who don’t like cupcakes must like chocolate right? The inspiration was a butterfly bush; however, my tools are limited atm so I worked with what I had.........

Final Outcome ------->

I know the chocolate looks a little..... urm...... poo shaped but it is yummy I swear and considering its my first attempt at icing a large area I’m proud. Practice makes Perfect!

Lots of love Tor xxx


  1. yummy yummy yummy! i'm just so sad i didn't have a slice when i had the chance!!! xox

  2. Wow that's one amazing looking pretty cake! xx