Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cupcake Splendour!!!

As you may have worked out I love everything Cupcake related and for a little treat I wanted a new cupcake necklace. I wanted something different, fun, colourful... something that represented what a cupcake means to me, so I turned to my twitter friends and they did not disappoint. I had loads of replies, all showing me beautiful jewellery however one company really caught my eye ‘Simply Lin’ and the Kawaii Cupcake Accessories!!
They had everything I wanted and more, the hardest thing was choosing which one I wanted, no!! scrap that, needed lol.

I went for the kiwi in the end but I think a lot of people maybe getting these for Christmas as I just love them.

Lots of Love Tor xxx


  1. these are so sweet hun! hey take a look at my blog layout! i too love cupcakes! xxx

  2. oh my gosh your cupcakes are abso-freaking-lutely AMA-ZING!!!
    neeed....want...must have those yummy cakes! they look too good to eat!

  3. p.s would not mind getting the kiwi embellised delish designs for xmas at all as they are divine!

  4. You can't go wrong with Etsy and cupcakes.:-D