Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Glitter-tasic Reunion

‘That was quick’ I hear you say. But after yesterday I just couldn’t wait to get back into the kitchen. However I quickly learned that practise made perfect, and I am seriously lacking skills again (I feel like I’m back at the start ), but after sulking for a few minutes I decided beauty is in the belly of the eater so I sucked it up and got on with it...... Da Dah......

Be gentle with me, it’s been a while but I hope you liked them. They’re classic red velvet with chocolate frosting, and ok I probably went overboard with the glitter, I’d forgotten how great it is (that’s right I am 5) and for my first taste back I’m glad it was at least shiny.

Lots of Love Tor xxx

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome back ‘Cupcake’ world.....

... I've missed you! It’s been forever and I’m not gonna make stupid excuses but..... the last 6 months (has it really been that long) have been hectic and unfortunately cupcakes bore the brunt of my busy life. From job to job, moving away from London, moving back to London; I’ve found myself really unsettled. However I’m back in the city and finally have all my equipment, clothes and most important Crummies (my hamster for those who don’t know) back.


I’ve not been totally dormant tho, and I did manage to make a birthday cup‘cake’ for my baby sis 18th. I promise to get back on the wagon and filling this blog with new shiny posts but just to whet your appetite here is some pix of that b-day cake.

Be back soon (Promise)! Lots of Love Tor xxx

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pudsey Cupcakes to the Rescue!!!

As its Children in Need tonight I wanted to create some PudseyBear inspired cupcakes for us to nibble on while were watching the show tonight at 7 on BBC1, I’m hoping that my guest with full belly’s will donate more to this great cause.

For you chance to donate click here

Lots of love Tor xxx

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gingerbread Destruction Cupcakes!

Something light and fluffy after my last post......... ‘DISTRUCTION!!!!!!!’. I really enjoyed creating these as I love gingerbread and cupcakes; so the combination of the two really made me smile, plus I love getting to play and be silly with the destruction of (gingerbread) men.
I’m taking these to a Girly get together, we as a group have a special place in our hearts for gingerbread men so I’m expecting they go down a treat; and no it has nothing to do with those poor little broken (gingerbread) men, were all good girls!!!!!   
PS. No men were hurt in the making of these cupcakes! 
Lots of love Tor xxx