Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome back ‘Cupcake’ world.....

... I've missed you! It’s been forever and I’m not gonna make stupid excuses but..... the last 6 months (has it really been that long) have been hectic and unfortunately cupcakes bore the brunt of my busy life. From job to job, moving away from London, moving back to London; I’ve found myself really unsettled. However I’m back in the city and finally have all my equipment, clothes and most important Crummies (my hamster for those who don’t know) back.


I’ve not been totally dormant tho, and I did manage to make a birthday cup‘cake’ for my baby sis 18th. I promise to get back on the wagon and filling this blog with new shiny posts but just to whet your appetite here is some pix of that b-day cake.

Be back soon (Promise)! Lots of Love Tor xxx


  1. Great to see you back sweetheart! Hope all is well with you in the big city. I loved the cake, it was delicious! Aunty Judith x

  2. Thanks alot, its been a while but im looking forward to getting back in the kitchen x