Monday, November 9, 2009

Cake International !!!!

NEC Birmingham was host to the CAKE INTERNATIONAL Exhibition this weekend, and yours truly attended. It was a great weekend with loads of great stalls selling everything you could ever want, loads of mouth watering demonstrations, including ‘cupcakes made easy’ by Lisa Slater and my favourite the competitions. I will apologise now for the amount of photos uploaded but I got so carried away and now can not pick which ones to upload.
Being a newbie to the cake world I was in awe of some of the cakes and sugar craft (this was not an event to boast self confidence, lol) the attention to detail was incredible and I can’t wait to use this creations as inspiration and get my creative juices flowing.
I’m afraid due to the amount of people and lack of time at each cake I wasn’t able to note names (very very sorry) but all the people that entered were amazing and I hope they don’t mind this faux par.

It was a great day and i managed to pick up loads of goodies.... especially for Christmas so watch this space.

Lots of Love Tor xxx


  1. Shows are brilliant, they really get your creative juices going, and to chat to people with the same interest as you is great. I'm off on a craft Retreat this weekend, 40 of us all crafting together, can't wait! I can talk about my interest without people giving me funny looks all of the time. Keep enjoying what you are doing, and am looking forward to your next creation, Aunty Judith xxx

  2. Those are simply gawjiss... I'd love to go to that show!
    Tell me- how'd you get the photos to load so nicely?